Big Personal News

Last year I stopped doing posts which were not related to Photography but every rule has an exception.

This upcoming year is a really big year for me and Patri!

On christmas eve we got engaged (that is big news in itself of course) but we are also expecting a mini-bogucki/demiguel
to join us around 22nd of June, 2012!

As I write this, the baby is the size of an avocado apparently. One can get a lot of good information at

So let me present the first official photo of the baby (but trust me, there will be many more)

Big Personal News
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  • Eliza said:

    Det är underbara nyheter:) :) :)
    Det kan jag tänka mig att det blir flera kort :) är du upptagen så hjälper jag gärna till att fota den lilla underverk :)
    GRATTIS !!!

  • Lene-Camilla said:

    Gratulerer :-) Blir nok en nydelig skapning! MEN hvem skal ta deres bryllupsbilder???

  • Hannes Uys said:

    Its my first time on your blog and all I can say is: Utter Brilliance! Oh and wonder news! All the best.