October 17, 2012

Baby Photos – Matthew – 13 months

Last weekend I went to Basel to take some baby photos of Matthew. Actually, he is no longer a baby – 13 months already. Crawling around and also walking! When a baby is at that age then one has to be attentive. They move very quickly. Matthew especially seemed to like my camera bag. I am glad his dad was attentive as I totally missed it. The entire shoot took place inside their flat and just outside their garden. The light was perfect this day – coldish autumn day with sun.

I got a great tip from the father Mike – give the baby a remote or mobile phone and he will be so obsessed with the toy that he forgets that he is standing. He showed me, and it worked! Anyway here are some photos of Matthew and the family.

Enjoy the baby photos…

New Born

Baby Photos

Baby Pictures

Baby Photos

Baby Photos

Baby Photography

If you would like to take some baby photos or new born pictures then please contact me at contact@magnusbogucki.com – I am happy to come to your house or town to take the photos. It usually lasts around 1h – 1h 30min. Also, feel free to follow my work on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/magnusbogucki

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