Album Parrot – the new album proofing tool for photographers

I am the co-founder of Album Parrot which is a new kind of album proofing tool for photographers. I might be a bit biased but do hear me out before you make a decision.

In my own workflow as a wedding photographer I often send out album designs but it takes a long time to get a response from the client. I analysed the situation and realised we, as wedding photographers, do not make it easy for our clients.

I have spoken to many photographers and we all have slightly different way of doing it but fundamentally it can be divided into two workflows:

1. We send our clients an email with a link to the proofing website (in my case it was albumexposure ) with a separate link to the gallery containing all their photos (Zenfolio and ShootProof in my case). We ask them to leave comments and references to file names under each spread that they wanted to modify.

or alternatively

2. We ask the couple to select the photos they want for their wedding album and then design the photos with their favourite photos.  We then send them the album design to review.

In both cases, the customer will check the album design against the gallery at one point – just to see if another photo might fit better. Ultimately, we make the client look at the album design and their gallery separately. And in worst case, we ask them to provide feedback in an email. This means they will need up to three windows/tabs open just to give us feedback. Of course, this will take time for the client and not something you do in the sofa under a blanket with your partner. This is the reason why I contacted my friend John Mitchell to find a solution where the user can sit in their sofa and do everything from one window.

Let me introduce you to Album Parrot…

We integrated spreads and gallery – and it looks like this:

Album Proofing with Abum Parrot

We, of course, did not stop at integrating spreads and gallery. I also did not like the fact that the client had to be very descriptive in their feedback. In a spread with many photos I could see comments like “The third photo in the middle column: replace with photo abc.jpg“. To solve this, we created “conversation windows” which you can see in the photo above. This allows the user to drag and drop the window where ever they like. They can also drag ‘n’ drop photos to the window and the file name will automatically follow. We, photographers, are visual people so why not get visual feedback?

The conversation window allows you to change the direction of the arrow, you can minimize it and, as a photographer, you can strike through comments when you have done the changes.

Conversation Window

As I work with international clients I wanted to make it comfortable for them – the tool automatically detects their language preference and, if we have the supported language, the user interface will be changed accordingly. Currently, we support: English, Swedish, French, Italian, Greek and Chinese Simplified. If you want a supported language then we can add this – assuming you help us with the translation .

We also enable you to turn an album, or a set of photos for that matter, into a app for mobile phones or tablets (like iPhone, iPad, etc.). This opens up many possibilities. You can convert their album into a digital version which allows your clients to access and brag about the album to their friends/families (which, of course, can be your potential clients). They can share the app so whenever they are looking for a photographer they can simply open your app. From a financial perspective, you can sell this to them for an extra fee or surprise them with a freebie.

To create an album proof you need to complete 3 steps but to see a detailed guide then go to:


3 steps_1

As a photographer you will shorten the time between album design and print. This means you can deliver an album faster and your client will be happy to have a book in their hand.

I mentioned earlier on that I wanted the client to be able to be in the sofa to give some feedback which is hard with a computer so therefore everything is also supported on an iPAD and other table device.

You can try out album proofing on Album Parrot for free at



Album Parrot – the new album proofing tool for photographers
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