7. Online Workshop



Learn the basics about your Camera

Who is this course for?

For beginners – now a days a lot of people own a digital SLR camera but are afraid to leave the “auto” mode on the camera. Or perhaps you left the “auto” mode but not certain how different lights impact a photo? or wonder how you can post process pictures in a certain way?My intention is to explain my way of doing things.

Where and when is it taking place?

Online via Skype! The idea is that we can setup a time when it is good for you. This is a 1-to-1 course. I will be able to share my screen for any illustration purposes and with the webcamera I can easily give instructions when needed.

What will I learn?

  • Basics of the camera (the difference between shutter, aperture and manual / what is the difference between jpeg & raw)
  • How exposure works (how ISO/Aperture/Shutter are related to each other)
  • What impacts different lenses have on a photograph (how to achieve certain effects)

How long is it?

The course will be up to 2 hours.

What is the cost: 300 CHF


Critique of your photos

This is an one hour session where we go through your photos and I give feedback of how and what you could have done in order to improve your photography. A great addition to “Learn the basics about your camera” course.

Cost: 150 CHF.


If you are interested then please drop me a line…..

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