Hochzeithotel in Zurich


Here is an overview of hotels in Zurich – a link to each hotel and it also shows how many people they can host.

Hotel:Widder Hotel
Capacity: Up to 160 people
Website: http://www.widderhotel.ch
Town: Zürich

Hotel:Baur au Lac
Website: http://www.bauraculac.ch
Town: Zürich

Hotel:Park Hyatt Zürich
Capacity: Up to 230 people
Website: http://www.zurich.park.hyatt.ch
Town: Zürich

Hotel:Sorell Hotel Zürichberg
Capacity: Up to 100 people
Website: http://www.zuerichberg.ch
Town: Zürich

Hotel:Uto Kulm
Capacity: Up to 700 people
Website: http://www.utokulm.ch
Town: Zürich

Hotel:Maiensässhotel Guarda Val
Capacity: Up to 100 people
Website: http://www.guardaval.ch
Town: Zürich

Capacity: Up to 350 people
Website: http://www.hotelgeroldswil.ch
Town: Geroldswil