Hochseithotel in Nordwestschweiz


Heiraten in der Schweiz wie Zurich? Hier finden Sie Links zu guten Hotels.

Here is an overview of hotels in North West Switzerland – a link to each hotel and it also shows how many people they can host.

Hotel: Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois
Capacity: Up to 160 people
Website: http://www.lestroisrois.com
Town: Basel

Hotel: Bad Bubendorf
Capacity: Up to 150 people
Website: http://www.badbubendorf.ch
Town: Bubendorf

Hotel: Krone Lenzburg
Capacity: Up to 550 people
Website: http://www.krone-lenzburg.ch
Town: Lenzburg

Hotel: Seerose
Capacity: Up to 250 people
Website: http://www.seerose.ch
Town: Meisterschwanden