Wedding Timeline

Wedding photographer surely just shows up on the wedding day, snaps away and then get paid? I wish that was the case. That would be very sweet. Reality is different though. I would like to let you know all the steps that you and me are involved if you were to have me as your photographer. Everyone works differently but this is how I normally work with my clients.




Do you remember when you were young and rang the bell of your neighbor and asked if they wanted to go out and play? Or the days when you called up someone on the phone just to talk? Nowadays, if you call someone directly you think something has happened. Except when it comes to someone you don’t know yet. Feel free to take advantage of that. You can call me directly to talk. I am of course available via email, phone or video conference as well. Or if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way, which I also like, is to meet in person. I leave it up to you. I am available in all formats. I will be happy to answer any question you might have and share my experience from previous weddings if you like to hear that. If you had a good feeling after what you have seen and heard and would like to take the next step then we would proceed to the booking process.


2. Booking

Should you have a prenuptial agreement when you get married ? Some should, some shouldn’t. But when it comes to hiring a photographer then you most definitely should have one. I do not work without signing a contract. And this is for my sake. And yours. To avoid any misunderstandings further ahead. When will the photos be delivered? Can I print my own photos or must I go via the photographer? Will I get high resolution files? All this is in the contract. We both signed it. We are almost set. Within the contract I will also ask for a deposit for securing your date. I will send you an invoice. After you pay we are officially set for me photographing your wedding. We are ready for the next stage. Prewedding activities.


Pre Wedding Part 1


Click, click. I am moving around. I see that one special hug, look or touch and realise “oh, these guys are really close”. I look at my watch and realise that I am almost finished with the wedding. Next question that comes to my mind “S**t, have I covered that relationship good enough throughout the day?” This is something that can happen if I haven’t done my research beforehand. This is why I have created a questionnaire that allows you to tell me this kind of information


Pre Wedding Part 2


Some peoples got very detailed plans, some people barely have one at all. You do what works for you. It is of course useful to have something written down but for me what is more helpful is a “real” meeting. A a few weeks before the wedding where we talk through the entire day. That way we are aligned of where I should be when, any last minute changes, what your expectations are and so on. Again, we can do this over a phone/video call or even, if we dare, in person 


Wedding Day

Oh yes, the day is finally happening! No matter what the weather is, no matter what the hiccups that happens. Your family and friends are there to celebrate with YOU. Amazing.


Post Wedding

Usually after you have hosted a big party or dinner you have some boring tasks remaining. Clean up the house, doing the dishes and figure out who is the owner of the right shoe that was left behind. Luckily, when it comes to photography you have the real fun stuff left. As a photographer I am of course backing up the work in various hard drives, upload to “the cloud” and then I get going. I go through every single photo. Sometimes more than one time. I remove photos which are not usable (blurred photos, closed eyes, strange expression etc) and then I might have three photos which looks more or less identical. I pick the best one. After this I got my base. If I was a pizza maker then this would mean that my dough was now ready. Now time for adding the toppings. The good part in other words. Every photo is being individually handled. Ensure a consistency throughout the work. Sometimes fixing a horizon, removing objects which take away from the photo, cropping, fix exposures, convert to B&W to convey a better feeling. After post processing it is time for one of my favourite parts.


Blog Post

For each wedding I create a blog post. It allows me for the first time to tell your wedding day visually. Also, the most nerve-racking part. By this time you have a a feel of what I will deliver to you. At this point I normally send you the final invoice.


Online Gallery

When will the photos be delivered? It is probably the most common question I get. I always set 12 weeks in my contract. But 12 weeks is a long time!? Yes, agreed, it is a long time. But I do have a reason for it. I normally do deliver a bit earlier than that but sometimes unexpected things happen in life. My son was born 12 hours after I got married. Not quite planned he would arrive so soon to the wedding day even though it did give me a great memory for life. Therefore, if these unexpected things happens in life, which they do, then I don’t want to be contractually under pressure and rush with your photos. So I am doing it for my sake. And your sake. Win-win.


Album Proofing and Album

So far, in my experience, many couples stop after the delivery of the digital files. Invoices paid. Photos downloaded. Please don’t stop now. In my view, this is where you really get value for your money. This is the tangible result of all that planning, stressing, researching, discussing, choosing and the wedding itself. This is the point where I send you a digital version of your album book. We customize it to your liking with one or several review rounds. Till we nail it. Then we print that bad boy and when you have it in your hand, when you can feel the pages, you can put it in your bag on the way to your next family trip then that is when you and me are done. For now.