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It is 20th of September…….september!!! Time Flies!! Christmas soon?!

Two days ago one of my closest friends had his birthday – Andri. I got to know Andri when I was around 9 years old. As long as I have known him he loved airplanes. This guy can see tracks in the sky and tell you what kind of plane it was. When I was playing football games he was “flying” in the game “flight simulator”. I tried it and got bored within 2 minutes – didn’t understand anything! Anyway, of course his dream was to become a pilot. However, when we were kids we were told that if you had glasses then you could not fly. This turned out to be in Sweden only (at that time). He moved to his native Iceland and worked all kinds of jobs – ship around the world, driving trucks, mental hostpital etc. All in order to raise money to learn how to fly a plane with a single engine. He managed to do this. Then again worked more and raised money to do the same for a two engine plane. He moved to Sweden to teach …then he moved to Denmark. The dream was always the same – be a pilot for a big plane! After 29 years of struggeling, working his butt off and lots of sacrifices he has finally made it! He got a job where he fly passengers! Up to 50 of them I believe. How cool and INSPIRATIONAL isn’t that? Mighty proud of Pilot Andri!

Funny Stuff:

Photoshop skills of the highest calibre:

A “spicy” greek wedding:

This photographer knows how to compose a great photo:

Wedding Update:

I have two more weddings to post – and I am very excited to show the pictures. Two very different weddings but very cool shots. I am happy with both of them. So keep an eye on the blog because one will be posted this week. For both weddings I have used my new “baby” which is the 24mm f1.4. Insidet the church and reception it is freakin’ great. I can take pics using ISO 200 and 400 and still sharp. Luv it! I have also started using small LED lamps which allows me to be more creative with lighting. Also very cool! I have one more wedding this year and then the season is over. I really look forward to the last one as it is a jewish wedding on a sunday! Sounds different and therefore it must be good!

Good Links

  • http://fstoppers.com/ – these guys are growing fast and have lots of good photography content and tutorials. Recommended!

Gadget Update

I got a new gadget – I justified it by saying I will read more photography magazines and show a small slideshow to clients. Things you do to justify a purchase ey 🙂 Recommendations for applications?

To a final point – this is very sad. Swede, which is known for being a very neutral country, has taken a BIG step back. A racist party has managed to become part of the government in the latest election.  They got 5.7% of the votes. How can so many people vote for such a party?? Shameful.

Random Ramble
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  • Love that dress!! I would have a hard time keeping a straight face if that were a shoot I was on. Damn!

  • Andri said:

    Thanks Magnus! Really appriciate the text you wrote about me, means alot for me . You made me cry man...got all these flashback pictures in my head :) Nice photo work!