Avatar ini Baar, Switzerland

Yesterday I went to see Avatar in 3D. I went to Baar and must say their cinema is very impressive. A town in the middle of nowhere with a huge screen and even a small VIP area  (you get your own table). Now to the movie – before I went to see it I heard, by word-of-mouth, how fantastic it is and then read that the movie pulled in 1 billion dollars in 17  days. More than titanic in that period of time. Do you guys remember when you watched the Matrix for the first time? You realised you just saw something which changed the i    industry, something which has never been done before and a feeling you always want when you go to the cinema but rarely get. This movie fulfilled all that. It was AMAZING. This  director is simply a genius. Do not download this movie and watch it from home…go to the cinema in 3d! Even the3-D  glasses are cool(ish)!

Funny Craiglist ad for wedding photographers:

The best clips of 2009 – it will make you cringe and laugh!

I have updated my index page so people can find my blog easier – check it out at here. Feel free to leave any comments about it…..

Links of the week:

Wedding Update from my side – I got one in March, two in May, then friends wedding in June (Menorca), perhaps a wedding in Malaysia (July) and cousins wedding in August (Poland). On top of that 2-3 weddings are in the pipeline at the moment. In other words – this might be my busiest season so far. Exciting!!! A message to Nikon: can you please release your new Nikon D800/D900 – as I want it now!

My aim is to be able to reach the 50-weddings mark so I can join agwpja.com (Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association)

New Year Resolution:  you know last year I reached my resolution. That was to regular exercise throughout the entire year. In 365 days I went to the gym 100 times plus salsa and football. So this year….the same!  What is your new year resolution?

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  • True, DO NOT DOWNLOAD Avatar. Go see it!
    I didn't watch the 3D version but will go see it again this week in 3D.
    Fantastic both visually and storywise. Thumbs up!