Wedding Update (as a photographer!)

This week I got hired for a wedding in Zurich which will take place in December , it will be all day and I will have a 2nd shooter with me. It will allow me to use more equipment than when I am by myself. I can get help with video light, reflectors and light stand. Also, being able to capture the same moment from two different angles. Very exciting! The couple is from Asia so it will be nice to see how their wedding differs from traditional European weddings.

Furthermore, I met another cool couple from South Africa. They are a really nice couple and very down to earth – got along with them really well. They will have people from SA, Greece, Italy, England and Switzerland coming – will be very cool indeed! I already now know we will have some great photos – assuming they hire me 🙂 This will take place in July.

For next year I got 4 weddings lined up (where one will be totally private).  I hope to shoot at least 10-15 weddings next year. That is my goal for 2010. Time will tell …..

My photo-of-the-week

I walked around Luzern the other day and this is one photo I took. I was looking at the tracks and realised it is very aesthetic but also very cluttered – this was my best attempt to get something good without having too much disturbance. How do you think it went?

Luzern Train Station

Funny picture-of-the-week

How cool isn’t this? A kid telling the people to f**k off! This is a true story – this was published in the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Little Kid saying ....

This week I attended a wedding workshop with Mike Larson which was great as he is a very respectable wedding photographer. His attitude towards life is remarkable. However, I think the nicest part was the meet lots of wedding photogrpahers from Switzerland. Already now I have managed to hook up with a 2nd shooter and hope to return the favour one day. Great way of increasing our portfolio and skills.

Inspiring Websites

Two photographers which has inspired me this week – these guys are absolutely incredible!! Do you have anyone inspiring you? Share a link if so!

Football Video (controversial!)

Controversial goal for France – clear handball by ex arsenal Legend Henry! When will they bring video into football?? They already do it in American Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis etc. Why not football? Imagine the irish team – now they are missing the world cup and have nothing to look forward to for at least 2 years and all this because of a cheat that you could see on a video. Crazy I think. Here is the moment I am talking about….

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