Random Ramble

I have been rubbish posting the so called “ramble of the week” – they are from now on called “random ramble”.

At the moment my mum is visiting me AND my brother. The three of us under the same roof. That does not happen very often! Hopefully soon it will though. Mum leaves tomorrow and my brother stays for another week. Then back to “normality” – whatever that is 🙂

Yesterday I played my first (and last?) football game. My knee is just f***ed up. The doctors says it is a stabilisation “thing” in the knee – I have been training since Februrary and still have the same issue. Frustrating!

Website Update

I have re-structured my website slightly – if you go into my Portfolio then you will have the entire portfolio menu on the right handside. Before you had to pick the drop down all the time. I realised that was too slow and the user had to click TWICE instead of once. Hopefully this allows the user to click less and see more photos.  The next step will be to update the photos itself as I have a lot of new photos but they are on the blog instead of the portfolio. I am thinking of replacing the portfolio with the “wedding photography” category. Good or Bad idea???

I have also added two articles to my “info” session:

Gadget Update

Nikon 24mm f1.4

This is my latest lens addition! A sweet nikon 24mm f1.4. I will receive today and do some tests with it. It will work great in Wedding Receptions and inside the church where I tend to have to deal with low light situations. This will (hopefully) allow me to take sharp pictures and bring down my ISO even more so there will be little grain in the photos. Look forward to playing around with it!!

Photography Update

Wow – there has been a lot of things since I wrote the last time. In summary, a lot of weddings and a wedding workshop. If you want to photos from the wedding workshop which took place in Grand National Hotel in Luzern – then check it out here.  I got three-four more weddings this year and then the season is over! A total of 15 weddings this year. My goal next year is to reach at least 20-25. I think I need to increase my marketing here in Switzerland.

This year I have been shooting all over switzerland:

I  found a cool feature in Google Map which allowed me to create my own map and link it to the various weddings and show a picture. Really Cool! http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=112414909104093689526.00048fced7d1c074c8f93&ll=47.286682,8.448486&spn=2.310259,5.817261&z=8

In Summary – this is where I have been shooting year 2010

  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Vevey
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Montreux
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Sarnen
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Thurgau
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Luzern
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Basel
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Zug
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Zurich
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Baden
  • Wedding / Hochzeit in Brienz
Random Ramble
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