Photoshoot with Jessica in Warsaw, Poland

A photoshoot with my cousin Jessica. She had some old school stuff at home so we experimented and this is what we got…..

Photoshoot with Jessica in Warsaw, Poland
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  • Beltran said:


    I got the feeling you wanted to tell me a story with them.
    I think you could try that, make a story with pictures.

    Following, the first feeling by each picture:
    1.- deep away in my thoughts
    2.- but anyways, life continues
    3.- nervous, stressed
    4.- a little bit sad, a little bit angry
    5.- sadness, a lost
    6.- getting better, maybe an opportunity
    7.- fuck off everybody, I am like I am
    8.- a moment of happines
    9.- just happines

    If you want I could help you write a short story :-)

  • admin said:

    When I uploaded them I DID try to tell a story - good spot.

    The last photo is a bit out of sync cuz she is dressed differently but I really liked the photo so I included it anyway.

  • Very very cool shots. Love the lighting, the modeling and the subject. Nice work.