Patricia portraits

These are photos taken somewhere in Cinque Terre, Italy.





Patricia portraits
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  • Aline said:

    Hi Magnus
    Today I had look at these pics together with Patricia. (Honestly, it was her who urged me to send the feedback, as I'm usually too lazy - sorry)

    General: I don't like to critize in written text, because it sounds much harder, no dialog is possible. So take that as a subjectiv opinion - one of many possible.

    No 1:
    Wonderful natural expression, very lively.
    Excellent set her as line going the edge. And you even could improve it with cropping on the top and right so that Patricias eyes are in 2/3 both ways.

    No 2:
    Nice colors and good setting. I like the depth of focus. I miss the toes of her right foot ;-). You could have checked out, to close the left window 10 or 15 cm more (maybe it would be worse).
    How do you tell her what she's got to do? There are two ways:
    1. "I want you to have a dreamy, thoughtful expression...."
    2. "Think about when you did ... this and that..."
    Try both, to get the expression you want to have.

    No 3:
    Similar to No 2. Her expression is very intensiv.

    No 4:
    Perfect. Extremly nice "colored" ;-) (I think here too goes: Less is more)
    Patricia is such a beauty with impressive eyes - and you caught it all.
    Nothing to add...

    So, I hope, I didn't darken your evening. I think you're a very good photographer with a good eye and a sensitiv feeling for situations.

    Have a nice weekend