This weekend I was playing around with flashes. I am not very good at them and thought I need to improve. I used two flashes (SB900 and SB600) and a black cloth I had at home. We also bought an accessory from Claire’s in order to add an extra element. Patri is getting more and more comfortable in front of the camera….

Here is the result – the first one is my favourite by far!




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  • Beltran said:

    My God
    Tell me something Magnus!
    How they should be if (according to you) you were good at using flashes
    I really like them...

  • admin said:

    Thanks Beltran.....

    I guess I would step away from a safe black backround and try to include more elements in the tell a story. Now I am representing beauty only - no story. But that will come ... :)

    Good question though!