Hochzeit – Mishell & Pascal Hochzeit – Zürich / Küssnacht

This weekend I had the privilege to shoot the wedding of Mishell and Pascal – I must say they are the dream couple for a photographer! They gave so much of themselves and they are not shy in front of the camera. On top of this they were always smiling and having fun. Therefore the job was very easy.

Throughout the entire day I had a friend of mine helping me out as a 2nd shooter – a good portrait/fashion/wedding photographer – and his website can be seen here: www.artofphoto.ch

A big thank you goes to Mishell, Pascal and their family & friends. It was great being part of your day and I wish you all the best! Good luck with your travels!


Hochzeitskleid, Schuhe, Wedding Clothes & Shoes, Details

(the above shoe shot to the left was taken by Simon)

Hochzeitskleid, Schuhe, Wedding Clothes & Shoes, Details

Hochzeit Mädchen, Bride, Braut

Wedding Bride, Portrait

Groom seeing bride for the first time

(the above groom shot to the left was taken by Simon)

Groom and dad waiting for the bride

Wedding Couple, Photo in Church, Kirche, Hochzeit

Church, Laughing, Audience in Church

(the above shot was taken by Simon )

Wedding Couple, Paar vor der Kirche

blog14 (Medium)

Laughter at reception

blog10 (Medium)

(the above “middle dancing” shot was taken by Simon )

blog17 (Medium)

Portrait auf hochzeitspaar

blog18 (Medium)

blog13 (Medium)

blog15 (Medium)

blog11 (Medium)

(the left & right shot was taken by Simon)

And below photo is my own favourite photo – which one is yours?

blog12 copy (Medium)

Hochzeit – Mishell & Pascal Hochzeit – Zürich / Küssnacht
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  • Absolutely stunning !!! Wow! Some of them are real works of art! Kram på dig! Juliana

  • Aivonne said:

    Girl - it's absolutely gorgeous! And the photos are so beautifully taken...and your wedding dress is so you! Congrats to you both!!!

  • My congratulations Magnus for the splendid photos,
    despite the cloudy weather.
    I really enjoyed them!

  • Super work Magnus! Looks like a fun couple and some awesome venues. Next time!! Were those lit with your movie light?


  • Great photograpy Magnus!
    I think my favorite is the same as yours but they're all great.

  • Ron said:

    Great job Magnus man,... Simon's photos are brilliant!,... but what about yours? haha, just messing with you. Nice collection of shots with a good variety which makes perfect viewing and I can see that the bride and groom had a great time in front of the camera. My personal favorite is the one of the groom peering through the door waiting for the first glimpse of his bride arriving. The dark wooden church doors provide the perfect setting as the light creates a subtle but effective shot, nice use of light and a magic shot.

    Pleased to see that your talent is not wasted.

    Best wishes,

  • Christos & Dimi said:

    Congrats bro!! Really great fotos both Dimi and I got goosebumps!! You have a big talent my friend hope you use it to the max!!


    Christos & Dimi

  • Weina said:

    Beaaaauuuutiifull wedding, babe!!

    So happy for you and Pascal :)

    To a lifetime of happiness! *clinks glass* ;-)

    Lots of love from Shanghai.

  • I'm really love your work.
    especially with you color tones.
    can you share how to make tones like your pictures.