Swedish Winter

These photos were taken by the seaside of Gothenburg, Sweden. It was FREEZING. It was around -20 Celcius but it was the wind which was the killer. At one point when I changed my lenses I couldn’t feel three of my fingers. Crazy! But I think it was worth it – here is the result (feel free to leave a comment):

Now I got a question for you – and I do not want you to be some expert but only look at these two pictures and say which one is most pleasing for the eye. There doesn’t have to be any reason. Which one do you prefer – the left or right? If you know why you like one more than the other then feel free to include it but absolutely not necessary. Thanks!

Swedish Winter
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  • nina said:

    gillar den till vänster mer

  • ava said:

    Mangus, these are shockingly beautiful!

    I love your colours!

  • Barbara said:

    I like the right one better. Why did you ask the question?

  • Andrea said:

    Hey Magnus,
    wow - these photos are amazing! Great work! As to the 2 photos on the bottom: I like the first one better as I think the composition is more balanced.

  • Verena said:

    I like the right one better!

  • Beltran said:

    I like the left one better.
    I have the feeling that in the right one both the yellow-orange sky on the top and the brigde down fight to catch my attention. But the left one offers a better balance (to use the same word as Andrea).

  • Helena said:

    Vänster helt klart, den känns mer vilsam. Vad duktig du är!