Morcote is a village just outside Lugano. We live here. As a photographer this is a dream place! It is very different from most other cities in Switzerland. It reminds me more about Italy with its narrow streets and old buildings. Above the village there is the church Santa Maria Del Sasso. It has a stunning view of lake Lugano. Today is 31st of October and we walked around with a t-shirt whilst taking some photos during a short walk. In other words, the weather is very italian too. There are lots of small restaurants which has good ice creams (I have not tried it yet but the rumours says so) and on sundays they play old school music which reminds you me of old movies (not sure what the type of music is called and therefore the bad description). This village has 752 people – so it is a very small place. However, it is 10min from Lugano, IKEA and 20min to the italian border (always good when you want a nice pizza!). I hope I have convinced some of you to come to this village – and if you do……drop me a line!

Here are some images from today’s walk…..


Santa Maria del Sasso

Morcote Town

Morcote Town

Morcote Town



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  • Eliza said:

    Underbart vacker :) :) :)

  • Hard to not be jealous when looking at this. Freakin' beautiful down there!

  • Selina Zeder said:

    ..just wonderful!!...I will definitely let you know once I am down there!!

  • Kaylene said:

    Beautiful, Magnus! They make us want to live there too!

  • Anni said:

    Jag har inte ens varit i denna stad, och jag är redan kär...

  • Jean said:

    A photographer's dream to live in such a beautiful place. Love the images!

  • What a place! I can'help getting envious.