Wedding in Il Borro – Tuscany – Welcome Dinner

Sometimes you get to be part of wedding events that really leave an imprint in your memory. These three days in Il Borro (Tuscany) were one of those.

People have different views of wedding planners – I guess the quality can really vary (just like with photographers). In this case, this wedding was planned by a very experienced and highly talented wedding planner – Brenda Babcock who runs Italia Celebrations ( Credit also needs to go to the bride (Meghan) who also had a big influence on the styling. The florist ( who came from Roma did a spectacular job throughout the three days. So with all this talent it all came together over those three days – and I was honored to be there to capture it.

When I arrived to photograph the first day I told Meghan and Brenda that it looked amazing and was one of the best setups I had seen. All very rustic and relaxed. The weather was also perfect (what one would expect in Tuscany). They both said “wait till tomorrow!”. And now in retrospect, I know they were right. That post will come soon.

Il Borro, the host of this event, is a resort, spa and winery in Tuscany – owned by Ferruccio Ferragamo. There is a Manor house and next to it a medieval village which has history back to 1039. Inside these old houses you have very modern flats. Really cool!

The first event was an ‘informal’ welcoming dinner which took place in the square of the medieval village. They had some typical italian food, drinks and ice cream along with two charismatic performers.

Meghan and Steven come from US and Scotland. Americans know how to arrange a wedding and Scotts knows how to party. So it was a perfect mix!

The days were also captured by the videographers from Scotland – they are called cinematefilms ( Two very chilled guys. When their video is online I will link it from here as well.

Anyway, here comes the photos from the first day …



Wedding in Ilborro



Il Borro medieval village







Il Borro medieval village







Il Borro Welcome Dinner




Wedding in Il Borro – Tuscany – Welcome Dinner
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