Hochzeit – Antony & Rebeccas Photography – Laax


Last weekend I got the opportunity to photo Rebecca & Anthony’s wedding. The weather might have not been perfect but the spirit of all visitors and the couple itself was uplifting. It was really good fun. Here are some of my favourite photos ….









Hochzeit – Antony & Rebeccas Photography – Laax
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  • Ron said:

    Nice work Magnus,...

    In bad weather conditions it's sometimes difficult to draw inspiration to achieve quality pictures, but somehow you've excelled yourself. You've managed to capture the good feeling of the day in the faces and expressions of the wedding guests and most importantly the bride and groom. In many way the snow provided the perfect reflector to enhance the colour tones.

    Job well done.

  • Celine said:

    So very nice!

    Your eye for special moments will always amaze me. Your pictures inspire such good emotions - happiness flows from those ones!

    Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

  • Anna said:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!! You definently have to take our pics when that time comes!!

  • Schales' dead dog said:

    wicked pics man, respect.

  • 80 said:

    picha zako nzuri sana !!! :) nice

  • Magnus! I didn't know you were living in Switzerland!
    My favorite pictures: shoes on the red carpet and bride with bridesmaids going to church (loved the umbrellas......eheheh.....)-just perfect!
    Love the color processing of the group pictures! Cool!
    Kramar från Sverige!

  • Antony & Rebecca said:


    Thanks so much for these amazing photos. Bec and I are so pleased with the results.

    We think you did a great job on the day and all the guests commented on what a great guy you were.

    Hope the skidoo got you home on time!

    Antony & Rebecca

  • Stefan said:

    Mannen respekt till dina bilder, respekt!
    Du har respekt från tha ghetto!
    Du behöver inte säga mitt namn längre för att överleva i Angered!

  • Roman said:

    Great job! Keep going.