Before & After

I always like seeing “before and after” pictures so I thought I should make a post about it. The aim is to show that sometimes a small change can make a big impact. However, it is also important to see that the “before” picture should still be good. All my changes are done in lightroom and usually only takes 5-20 seconds. I rarely spend time in photoshop – lightroom does most of the heavy work. Usually I work with photoshop when it comes to portrait pictures when you wanna take away some spots, smoothen things out, sharpen an eye or so.

The advantage of shooting RAW is that you can do some changes to the picture without loosing quality. People who shoot JPEG and then do changes in lightroom will loose more quality. This is why RAW images can be up to 25 megabyte.

Anyhow, here are some before and after images….

Before & After
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  • Melanie said:

    Wonderful pictures (once more...)
    Thanks for sharing "fotographers secrets"! :)

  • Mish-hell said:


    Cool..interesting to see what they looked like before. Definitely like the 'after' on most of them except - have to say the shoe one. Prefer the intensity of the red roses on the before picture, albeit lighting of 'after' is better... :)

    ps. How does one take in 'RAW' formet?

  • admin said:


    To take RAW photos you set it in your camera settings. Most D-SLR have that as an option.

  • Aline said:

    Hi Magnus

    Once again you take superb pictures - and you know what you do to them ;-)

    Just a few short remarks:
    1. Here, I prefer the Before... It's warmer, softer, more dream like. I think, the contrast on the After is too hard.
    2. Here, the After is much softer, warmer - simply beautiful. I like the short depth of field.
    3. Color/ Light nicer is in the After, but both seam to fall to the left.
    4. I prefer the After much.
    5. dito
    6. dito

    Merry Christmas