Assisting in Weddings


I have created a group for all swiss wedding photographers that has the following purpose:

  • Allow wedding photographers to find an assistant for a wedding
  • Allow wedding photographers to assist in order to get some practice in a realistic environment

Really it is a win-win-win situation – the main photographer will have an extra pair of hands (the assistant  can hold the reflector, move and change the flash, capture some extra angles or be able to follow the preparation for the groom and bride seperatly etc,), the assistant get to practise shooting in wedding situation without being responsible for the final outcome and the wedding couple get some more photos.

My purpose

I always sell myself to the couple that I am solely responsible for the photos. If I have an assistant then I like to have some help during the portrait session and then I ask the assistant to leave his/her camear and solely focus on working with me. After that I make sure I capture all the photos I need to cover the entire wedding and if my assistant manage to get zero good photos then it makes me no difference but usually that is not the case and therefore an extra bonus if some photos work well.

As we are all wedding photographers we cannot commit far ahead and this is the purpose of the mailing list. I would like to be able to send out an email 1-2 weeks before a wedding to check if anyone is interested and also be able to help others. If you are free a weekend and get the chance to practise real wedding photography – why wouldn’t you right? All members are allowed to use this mailing list and request assistants or offer their help.


If you like to join then sign up at my mailing list here:

Assisting in Weddings
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