Westschweiz Hochzeit Hotels


Here is an overview of hotels in West Switzerland – a link to each hotel and it also shows how many people they can host.

Hotel: Schloss Salavaux
Capacity: up to 100 people
Website: http://www.schloss-salavaux.com
Town: Salavaux

Hotel: Parkhotel Schloss Muenchenwiler
Capacity: 2 rooms for up to 50, 1 room for up top 90
Website: http://www.schlossmuenchenwiler.ch
Town: Murten

Hotel: Parkhotel Schloss Hünigen
Capacity: 10 rooms
Website: http://www.schlosshuenigen.com
Town: Konolfingen

Hotel: Wellness- & Spa-Hotel BEATUS
Capacity: up to 80 people
Website: http://www.beatus.ch
Town: Merligen

Hotel: Eden
Capacity: up to 120 people
Website: http://www.eden-spiez.ch
Town: Spiez

Hotel: Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
Up to 250 people
Town: Zermatt